Gold: L.L. Bean, Fenway Totes

B-to-C Over $75 Million

The campaign: L.L. Bean took advantage of its sponsorship of rain delays at Boston’s Fenway Park to a new level. It took the infield tarp that was to be replaced for the 2012 season and “upcycled” it into limited edition Boat and Tote bags. The campaign included social media, public relations and banner ads.

The result: The bags were sold in the Flagship store in Freeport, ME, and could be ordered via phone. The 2,012 bags sold out in a little more than 5 minutes.

What the judges loved:
Lori McFadden: “Everyone knows the Red Sox are a religion through all of New England. This was a stroke of sheer genius, flawlessly executed”

Danielle Savin: “The messaging was cohesive. The voice and nature of the output appropriate for each of the different medias or channels.”

Jeannie Walters: “This was a very creative and obviously appealing campaign. Loved the upcycle idea and how it was communicated! Excellent use of social channels.”

(The L.L. Bean Fenway Totes campaign also earned the retailer Crosschannel Merchant of the Year honors. Click here to read the full article about the campaign.)

2012 MCM Awards Winners