New Madison Place Catalog Likely to Fold

Plow & Hearth will likely phase out its recently launched Madison Place spin-off title by the end of parent company’s fiscal year. Joseph D. Pititto, director of investor relations for 1-800-Flowers, says that the home furnishings catalog has not performed well.

“It did not live up to expectations,” Pititto says. “We will likely phase the catalog out in June, and the Website will remain up for a while.”

The 68-page Madison Place catalog first mailed in September to an undisclosed number of Plow & Hearth buyers as well as to customers who had bought goods from the Plow & Hearth Home catalog. While Madison, VA–based Plow & Hearth caters to a country lifestyle, Madison Place offers home furnishings for a more urban and suburban audience.

Several home furnishing catalogers said their sales were down in 2006 due to factors including a soft real estate market and a blitz of retailers that have entered the market.

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