13 iStock Images of Cats in Cardboard Boxes

Here is a little Multichannel Merchant secret; we do not have professional photographers on staff that take pictures of cardboard boxes, poly-bags, and empty shopping cards left in parking lots. In many cases, we end up using iStock photo for a lot of the images that go along with our online and print content.

So while searching around for images relating to “package fill” and “recycled cardboard” I was getting bombarded with images of cats in cardboard boxes. Why? I have no idea but these images were so randomly perfect that I just had to share.

So, without further ado, here are 13 of the best iStock images (in my two credit budget) of cats in cardboard boxes.



Siamese pussycat over cardboard


vote for red cats!






Cat in a cardboard box


small kittens




Tabby in a Box




Kitten isolated




small kittens


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