We’re Number 200!

Oh, what a thankless job I had… Newspaper reporter. Worst. Job. Ever. At least that’s what I read, ironically, on a newspaper website yesterday after I settled in at Operations Summit in Columbus, OH. “Newspaper reporter” ranks dead last as the nation’s worst job according to the 2013 CareerCast.com Jobs Rated Report, which has ranked the best and worst U.S. jobs for 25 years.

But please don’t feel bad for me… or my colleagues Erin Lynch and Daniela Forte. We would not be with Multichannel Merchant today if we did not hone our skills as newspaper reporters. And often – in editorial meetings or while brainstorming day-to-day in our Norwalk, CT offices – we’ll ask the question “how would you have covered this if you worked at (insert newspaper here)?”

Though I left newspapers full-time in the 1990s for a better-paying career in retail, I spent years freelancing as a sportswriter in Fairfield County, CT. I actually met Erin on a few occasions when I primarily covered high school sports for a paper she worked at. One of our off-work-topic discussions recently was about how many of our former co-workers left the business to become teachers. And Daniela and I share the common bond of retail store experience (and she had even contemplated leaving journalism at one time to enter retail management).

Anyway, here’s the press release that was issued yesterday by CareerCast.com:


“Newspaper Reporter” Ranks as Nation’s Worst Job, Says CareerCast’s 2013 Jobs Rated Report (via PR Newswire)

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Newspaper reporter, a job that traditionally has attracted many aspiring writers, been romanticized in movies and helped bring down corrupt presidents, has been named the worst job in the nation, according to the new 2013 CareerCast.com Jobs Rated Report…