5 Tips to Prepare for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday should be one of the best days of the year for retailers and online consumers. The deals are great for the consumers and the revenue is great for the retailers. But when you don’t prepare properly it’s a nightmare for both. By following these tips to prepare for this Cyber Monday retailers can avoid feeling blue and start seeing green.

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Test the site
There’s nothing more frustrating than hanging a set of lights only to find out that a couple of bulbs are out. Magnify that feeling by a hundred and throw in some lost revenue, and you’ll understand what it’s like to have your site crash.

One way to solve both problems is to run tests. When it comes to preparing for holiday traffic levels you can’t test enough. Test for the amount of traffic you expect, and then test for 30% more than that. That should keep you up and running and prevent major holiday headaches.

Bring your tech together
The holidays are a time for getting together with family and friends. Some people look forward to this part of the holidays, others dread it, but most people agree it’s something you have to do. Similarly, it’s critical for retailers to integrate different system interfaces and make sure they’re not only compatible, but also running smoothly. Work with outside vendors and internal resources to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Spread the marketing love
The holidays are a perfect time to boost your marketing initiatives and drive sales. But consider what could happen if you perform a huge, one-off promotional blast, such as one through a social media network.

Consumers would be rushing to get the deal all at the same time, posing considerable web burdens, and leaving you vulnerable to a crash or slowdown. Similarly, if you promote free shipping to customers who purchase within a specific window of time, your goal to attract loyal customers could have the opposite effect.

It’s best to offer a variety of significant deals throughout the holiday season using a diverse number of channels and spread the love around.

Create a countdown calendar
As the holidays inch closer, everyone begins counting down the days. Those who are truly prepared set deadlines to achieve certain goals.

For example, they may want to buy all of their gifts by a certain date and then have them wrapped by a certain date after that. Etailers should be doing the same as they prepare for Cyber Monday. Set a timeline for achieving certain planning milestones and try your best to hit those marks. Have a calendar that is readily accessible and shared among all members of your team.

Michael Harvey is COO of CorraTech.