Ebay CEO Says Same-day Delivery Possible

>Ebay’s CEO John Donahoe said during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference that he believes the ecommerce company can provide same-day delivery at scale, according to allthingsd.com.

Donahoe said it can be done in a similar way the on-demand the personal transportation company, Uber, conducts its business by having private drivers attempt to outbid each other for fares, according to the article.

According to allthingsd.com, Donahoe said at the conference, “We think we can do it at scale. No one single retailer can do it on their own, so we are building it for the retail industry and using our technology capabilities to build it.”

Donahoe’s statements come in direct contrast to Amazon’s same-day delivery outlook, in which the marketplace ecommerce company is looking to build additional distribution centers in closer proximity to customer locations including California and New Jersey.

According to allthingsd.com, as of now, eBay is testing the same-day delivery service in San Francisco and parts of New York City. There is even an eBay app, the article states, that “allows you to look for local inventory at several stores, including Macy’s and Walgreens.” Once an order is placed, according to allthingsd.com, the orders are delivered within two to four hours.