Product Videos Can Increase Visibility and Customer Engagement

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth exponentially more. Studies show that video is proven to improve conversions and engagement of your online visitors with your products and content.

Our own tests reveal that when product videos are available on an ecommerce site, one-third of your visitors will watch them – and people who view videos are 85% more likely to make a purchase. We’ve also done studies that indicate that even the presence of video – whether it’s watched or not – increases the conversion rate.

However, there’s a lot more that can be done with video than simply adding it to your product pages, to generate stronger brand recognition and loyalty. For instance, adding videos to non-product or educational content is a great way to increase visibility of this material, as is using video to tout your company culture and customer service.

Below are some ideas for how you can take your video beyond the product pages to get customers more interested in your brand.

Add existing product videos to other content
Increase the value of your video investment by including your product videos in other places. For instance, consider adding product videos to email newsletters if it’s relevant to the content – you can either embed the video, or simply add a link (we find that an embedded video with a big “play” button usually increases the open rate). You can also include it in merchandising banners and on SEO and paid search landing pages.

In addition to the obvious benefits of having video on the landing page, the video thumbnail included in the search result will likely drive more traffic to your site, particularly now that Google has doubled the size of video thumbnails on its own search results pages, so you get double the reward.

Make videos social
You can drive traffic back to your website videos by posting them to social networks, including your Facebook page and Twitter feed as well as your own YouTube channel.

When posting your videos to these channels, consider doing a promotion around it, such as rewarding one lucky fan who “likes” the video with the product, or make it the “featured video of the day.” Take it one step further and include share buttons to enable viewers to post the video on their own social network pages, to encourage viral sharing.

Or, consider adding a video to purchase confirmation emails with a button that says “Look what I just bought!” so that customers can share items they’re excited about with their friends.

Create videos from non-product content
For content on your site like how-to articles, blog posts, and FAQs, creating a relevant video can be very easy. One option is to use an automated video platform that combines images, text, and even voice-overs if you have such material available. Or you can interview a company executive or employees for a few minutes with information about the company’s service standards, return policies, or other useful information.

The key point is that you can do this in a simple, straight-forward way without breaking your budget.

Encourage user videos
Given the professional-looking video generated by today’s digital cameras (and even smartphones), your customers can become a steady source of video content. Ask your customers to submit their own videos of your products in action, their product reviews, or their how-to videos – for instance, tutorials for craft projects. Assuming you obtain permission from customers, you can post these videos to product pages or use them in marketing emails or social networking sites.

Repurpose video from conferences and conventions
Like many businesses, you may have a storehouse of video taken at conventions or other events where customers or company spokespeople offered their opinions on your products or the overall market.

Consider editing down these videos into short snippets that introduce your customers to key employees, or offer insights on customer needs and how you meet them. These videos can easily be used for multiple marketing efforts, including email newsletters and social media campaigns.

There are lots of ways to go beyond product pages with your video, thanks to the variety of tools available, and the amount of images and content that likely exists on your website. And given consumers’ growing appetite for online video, whether on their home PC, smartphone or tablet, it’s a good idea to give them a visually appealing multimedia experience in whatever fashion you can.

Dr. Melody King is vice president of marketing at Treepodia.