The Post About Fast Food and Fraud: MRCVegas14

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IMG_1550[1]I have 2 very bad habits: Leaving home without my AMEX, and unhealthy on-the-road eating. So this story is perfect for those of you who are also attending the 2014 Merchant Risk Council Ecommerce Payments and Risk Council Conference.

My path to Las Vegas went like this: HPN→PHL→PHX→LAS (I usually do a better job booking flights, too). The layovers were short, not much time to eat.

Meanwhile, yesterday, my wife asked me if there was a reason for a hold on our debit card. I told her maybe it was for The Aria’s resort fees, but if she wanted to call the bank, it would be a good idea.

My wife called my back yesterday afternoon. She said the woman at the bank was really nice. And her answer to my wife went something like this:

“Well, someone used the card at a burger joint in Philadelphia (Smashburger at PHL), at a burger joint in Phoenix (Delux at PHX) and at a burger joint in Las Vegas (In-N-Out Burger on Dean Martin Drive). Either someone stole the card or your husband really likes burgers!”

Busted. And guilty.