The 3 Trends Changing the Face of Global Ecommerce

Zia Daniell Widger
Zia Daniell Widger

Global ecommerce is charging forward, with online revenues growing in every market in virtually every market around the world. China alone will generate over $1 trillion in online retail sales by 2019.

The face of ecommerce is changing, however: The shift to mobile, arrival of omnichannel offerings and proliferation of marketplace options are all fundamentally changing how consumers shop.

Zia Daniell Widger, Vice President & Research Director for Forrester Research, will deliver The 3 Trends Changing the Face of Global Ecommerce as a keynote at this year’s Growing Global conference, July 21-22 in Hollywood CA.

Widger will give insight and her latest research findings around global ecommerce issues such as:

  • How mobile commerce differs around the world today
  • How omnichannel offerings are developing in different markets and how consumers’ expectations of omnichannel experiences tend to evolve
  • Which marketplaces brands are using to expand their global footprints, and how these marketplace options can be used to replace or supplement brands’ own localized sites

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