4 Data Points to Consider Before Holiday 2015 Begins

Hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. No worries though, digital marketing technology firm Kenshoo has got marketers covered with tips-a-plenty for getting ahead of the competition in the most critical season for retailers.

Capitalize on the Unique Advantage of Shopping Campaigns and Dynamic Product Ads

Embrace the Increasing Importance of Mobile and Cross-Device

Leverage Emerging Channels and Formats for Competitive Advantage and Cost-effective Ad Volume

  • New advertising options may provide an advantage during amplified competition. Consider buy buttons, Instagram Ads, and Yahoo Gemini.
  • Buy Buttons emerged on Pinterest, Twitter, and Google, among others. These could entice shoppers, and ultimately give retailers who activate them an edge.
  • Instagram recently announced its advertising offering. Calls-to-action like “Shop Now,” combined with visual ads can captivate new audiences and drive them to action.
  • Gemini’s focus on native mobile offers new avenues for advertisers to connect with and engage consumers.

First and Foremost, Focus on the Customer First