5 Ecommerce Fulfillment Hot Topics for 2015

The past year has seen innovative technology advances in ecommerce fulfilment such as further exploration into the use of drones to deliver packages. As we move further into 2015, I wanted to shed some light on five hot ecommerce fulfillment trends that should garner a lot of attention this year.

The rising popularity of digital currency:

Digital currencies like Bitcoin will play a larger role in both B2B and C2B transactions. For companies looking to build a truly global platform, digital currency will be beneficial for both merchants and consumers.

Because getting into cross-border ecommerce in multiple countries requires merchants to work with a range of currencies, digital currencies help facilitate a seamless global marketplace, making it easier to get products into the hands of customers around the world.

Linking all aspects of ecommerce fulfillment via software:

When selling online, the most vital aspect of business is the ability to ensure the correct products are delivered to customers in a timely manner. Thus more ecommerce merchants are considering the use cloud-based fulfillment software integrated seamlessly with all major shopping carts and optimized for mobile.

Easier access to the global marketplace:

The right software can lower the barriers to entry for ecommerce so retailers of all sizes can enter a global market once reserved for the biggest players. Having technology that allows fulfillment centers to carry and deliver inventory from any country will be a key competitive differentiator for retailers looking to establish a global presence.

Security and cloud technology:

The past year has been dotted with major data security breaches, which underscores the ongoing need for secure and reliable systems that ensure the safety of sensitive consumer information.


Many third-party logistics providers are automating their services to achieve greater efficiency, further fuelling the continuing debate of robots vs. humans. While automation may increase productivity, I believe over-automation compromises important functions that can only be carried out by humans, such as exceptional customer service.

Joe DiSorbo is the CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics