How SoccerPro Wins Big at Omnichannel

With FIFA’s World Cup rapidly approaching, and all the revenue opportunities it represented, SoccerPro needed to upgrade its digital omnichannel commerce platform before the first game was played. They called on GoECart, a provider of complete omnichannel commerce software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), to upgrade their sites, and were rewarded with a succession of game-changing results.

SoccerPro sells soccer performance gear and licensed apparel worldwide. The and websites are the ecommerce destinations for their six brick and mortar locations, and the call center (which manages wholesale and B2B orders). As an omnichannel merchant, SoccerPro needed a solution where all customer touch points shared and transferred information.  SoccerPro also wanted to supercharge its SEO, mobile and social media presence, while also allowing the company to capitalize on unique merchandising opportunities from manufacturers like Nike and Adidas.

Their previous solution was bogged down by manual processes with inconsistent reporting and inadequate promotional tools. It lacked the capacity to do what SoccerPro needed or the ability to scale 10x on-demand without hurting site speed or customer experience. So, the company called on GoECart for help.

GoECart took the pass from SoccerPro and scored immediately. “We were nervous about this change but Team GoECart delivered with speed, agility and high quality, and we scored BIG!” Tony Marrero, Director, SoccerPro, explains.

Tasked with replacing CORESense and implementing GoECart 360 before the World Cup began, GoECart’s expert service teams enabled SoccerPro to quickly launch two uniquely branded websites connected to a single back-office. SoccerPro subsequently lit up the scoreboard with immediate benefits, including:

  • SoccerPro grew total Y/Y revenues by 25% (vs. industry growth of 16%)
  • International revenue up 24%
  • Mobile ecommerce revenue up a whopping 82% (vs. industry growth of 47%)
  • Website conversion rate up 6%
  • Average Order Value (AOV) up 8%
  • Organic SEO traffic ramped up 62%
  • Data entry and fulfillment errors decreased by 20%

For SoccerPro, it’s not just about pushing merchandise. They wanted to tell stories, engage with their customers and cultivate a loyal fan base. So, GoECart worked with them to create a mash up of product related conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine. Blog, videos and user-generated social content are selectively placed throughout the consumer’s shopping journey where they receive maximum visibility and both lead to and contextualize products.

This creates a winning content and commerce combination for both desktop and mobile users. “The GoECart solution enables us to exceed our customers’ expectations across every channel from the very first interaction to fulfillment and everything in between. This drives our business growth and profitability, and the results speak for themselves,” says Marrero.