Baudville Selects the WebLinc Commerce Platform for Multi-Site Capabilities

WebLinc, the commerce platform provider for the fastest growing online retailers, today announced that Baudville, the leading provider of day-to-day recognition and award solutions for the workplace, has chosen the WebLinc Commerce Platform to rebuild the sites for two of its primary brands, and With a strong focus on simplifying and customizing the online experience for customers, Baudville leveraged WebLinc to implement shopping and ordering processes that satisfy existing customers and attract new prospects.

For more than 30 years, Baudville has been an integral part of recognition programs in organizations across the country. Starting out as a strictly mail catalog business, Baudville has been online since 1998, previously operating on an aging homegrown ecommerce system. IDville, a prominent Baudville brand that focuses on employee identification, required an optimized online and mobile presence that plays to its customers’ focus on professionalism, security and simplicity. IDville went through a major upgrade with a specialty ecommerce platform in 2011. Both the in-house system and vendor-based platform limited users’ ability to make changes on the fly or implement marketing-driven strategies.

Baudville chose WebLinc for its multi-site launches due to the platform’s intuitive interface and its scalability. In addition, WebLinc’s responsive design approach optimized the sites for mobile and integrates with third-party service providers to ensure Baudville’s brands have access to top technologies critical to their business. Of particular interest to the company was WebLinc’s simple customization capabilities, product comparison tools, and other merchandising and marketing solutions that simplify the decision and purchase process for consumers. Additionally, Baudville has plans to expand into new product markets requiring specialty multi-sites, which will be simplified using WebLinc’s native multi-site capabilities.

“Our team was very impressed with WebLinc’s attention to our business goals and its commitment to making the re-launch successful given our priorities and resources,” said Dan Rogers, general manager at Baudville. “In addition to the mobile optimization capabilities and merchandising, marketing and customization best practices we needed, we searched for a partner that would also help us make commerce improvements specific to our industry, business and customers. Immediately after signing with WebLinc, we began learning critical UX practices that impact how users interact with our site, which will directly move the needle for our business.”

“Baudville is taking a first-mover approach to optimizing its digital commerce sites, further growing the long-term success of its businesses,” said WebLinc’s CEO and co-founder, Darren C. Hill. “We love to work with retailers that search out new technologies and strategies that will improve the way consumers interact with them online, through personalization, merchandising and marketing. We are excited to see this approach make an impact on their bottom line.”