Gold Award, Gifts Under $75: Jackson & Perkins, Holiday Gifts 2002

If you need a gift for the December holidays — make that any holiday — Jackson & Perkins surely has the perfect item. And the company ensures that shopping from its Holiday Gifts 2002 edition is a perfectly pleasurable way to purchase that gift.

The strong front cover, which features Jackson & Perkins’s Holiday Angels Decorated Spruce Tree positioned against a window framing the night sky, sets the stage. Said one judge, “The warm dramatic lighting of the illuminated tree works well against the snowy window and cool blue outdoor lighting.” The cover shot not only establishes the mood of this holiday book, it also effectively shows the scale of the featured product.

The back cover works just as hard as the front. Copy for the featured item — the Grand Trumpet Stripe Amaryllis — is sure to cinch sales, inviting customers to “astound them with this sensational show of massive amaryllis blossoms!” An attention-grabbing red dot whack promising “Over 100 Living Gifts Under $50!” will tempt shoppers to look inside the book.

Thanks to the brilliant merchandising, the catalog seems to have something for everyone. While it is best known for its floral gifts, Jackson & Perkins offers a diverse assortment of complementary nonfloral selections, such as throws, candles, and oil lamps.“There are gifts for every age range and every occasion — from office exchanges to family presents,” enthused a judge.

Keeping in mind the gift-giving purpose of the merchandise, the product descriptions call attention to the appropriate recipients of certain products, noted judges. “The copy gives good information and benefits and a nice value statement, without being too flowery — pardon the pun,” said one judge. And for its signature plants and flower gifts, the copy also notes when the products are likely to bloom.

As for design, Jackson & Perkins shows that it knows a thing or two about that as well. The inventive, varied layouts show off the crisp product photography to great effect. Five full-page hero shots focus on newly introduced decorated trees, while other pages combine silhouettes and lifestyle shots for high-density layouts that never seem overwhelming.

As one judge said, “It is evident that all of the groups — marketing, merchandising, and creative teams — are working together on this book.” From cover to cover, the catalog sticks to its mission of selling its traditional floral gifts while enhancing the selection with other items that might appeal to its target customer.

Bear Creek Corp.
2518 S. Pacific Hwy.
Medford, OR 97501

Company founded: 1872
Director: Estin B. Kiger
Designer: David Withers
Production director: Neal Schuler
Merchandiser: Deborah Hill
Copywriter: Jill Thacker
Photographer: Ron Anderson
Marketing director: Craig Wilson
Color separator: AGT/Color Control
Printer: RR Donnelley
List manager: American List Counsel
List broker: Millard Group
Cover paper: 60 lb. (International Paper)
Text paper: 40 lb. (International Paper)
Trim size: 7-5/8″ × 10-1/2″
Number of pages: 44