Gold Award, International B-to-B: New Pig, German Pigalog 2003

To English speakers who don’t read German, one word from the front cover of the German version of New Pig’s catalog stands out: “Quality.” And indeed, the quality of the catalog, and of the company, is apparent from this winning entry.

For starters, the judges praised New Pig’s masterful merchandising job. Although the market niche — industrial waste containment and cleanup supplies — is “very targeted, there s a broad range of products and prices,” explained a panelist. Enhancing the superior merchandising, the judges agreed, is equally superior copy. “Quite simply, the copy is excellent. It allows for a person who is not familiar with the product line to understand the quality and value that New Pig offers,” noted one judge.

If customers need more reasons to buy from the catalog, they can look to the helpful charts and diagrams throughout. In particular, judges applauded the chart on the opening spread that details shipping information and quantity discounts. Speaking of which, New Pig offers free shipping for orders of more than 750 euros and free samples, to further woo uncertain prospects.

Not surprisingly, the catalog creative received plaudits as well. “The excellent quality of the paper gives the photographs maximum definition,” one panelist said. “The book’s design is very clean and easy to read and use,” said another. The spreads are packed with the right balance of information and illustration to avoid overwhelming readers, the judges agreed.

Though the front cover is spare and devoid of product, the panel felt that the New Pig logo creates enough interest to push buyers inside. Besides, the back cover promotes a multipurpose product that epitomizes the assortment within. As one judge said, “Selling an ‘all in one’ product on the back cover that spans several product categories is highly effective.”

And again and again, judges were captivated by the use of New Pig’s cartoon mascot, Sparky the pig, not only to inject humor but also to promote the friendly customer service and build a solid brand identity. “All of the elements work to reinforce the New Pig story and familiarize buyers with the brand,” said a judge.

Another judge noted that “the pig is a very appealing icon for Germans. It is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in German culture.” The folks at the U.S.-based New Pig undoubtedly have no argument with that.

New Pig Corp.
One Pork Ave.
Tipton, PA 16684

Company founded: 1985
Creative director: Ames Parsons
Marketing directors: Freeke Bosman, Allen de Koning, Robert van Langeveld, Simone Veldhuizan
Project manager: Edward S. Engle
Designer: Michael Duckett
Copywriter: Norman Benford
Photographer: McManus Studios
Illustrator: Bruce Van Patter
Print buyer: Freeke Bosman
Prepress managers: Gina Baker, Jen Harker, Julie White
Printer: Veldhuis Drukkerij
List manager/list broker: Schober Direct
Cover paper: 170 gsm
Text paper: 115 gsm
Trim size: 210 mm × 297 mm
Number of pages: 64