MCM Awards: How Chasing Fireflies Caught a Silver

For kids, Halloween is the second most important holiday of the year. In its Autumn 2009 catalog, which was devoted to Halloween, Chasing Fireflies promotes its costumes and accessories by capturing children’s delight in the festivities. It also managed to capture a Silver Award in the Children’s Products Print category in the 2010 MCM Awards.

Why it won a Silver Award
The judges singled out two attributes in particular—the visuals and the merchandise selection. The joy that the models took in showing off the elaborate costumes was apparent from their grins and poses. “I loved the whole playful concept throughout,” summed up one judge.

And the panel was unanimous in praising the breadth, depth, and uniqueness of the product selection, which included costumes such as the Renaissance Princess, the Musketeer, and the Yoda Dog (for the pooch who doesn’t want to be left out).

For kids who turned up their noses as the standard costumes—and the adults who were willing to pay as much as $98 for an ensemble—Chasing Fireflies was clearly the go-to source.

Why it didn’t win a Gold Award
While the catalog did plenty of showing, the judges felt it didn’t do enough selling. There were no icons or blurbs calling attention to new or exclusive items.

What’s more, “the copy is well-written and informative but does not sell well,” said a panelist. “For example, the opening letter does not really give a compelling reason to buy the products or a guarantee if you do buy.”

And the front cover, with its photo of a child slumbering amid autumn leaves, provided no indication of what was inside. “There was no carry-through from the front cover to the opening spread at all,” noted one judge, while another decried the lack of coverlines and even a phone number or URL.

Given that the majority of the recipients were prospects, this lack of basic information was particularly ill-advised, the panel concluded.