Newegg and Intel Launch ‘Intel Unlocked’ Website

Newegg announced Intel Unlocked, a collaboration that adds a new dimension to the e-commerce shopping experience. The new website features a wealth of editorial content, from interviews with Intel executives to commentary from many of the leading voices of the technology industry.

Intel Unlocked leverages technology influencers to engage customers of Newegg and Intel in an ongoing social conversation. Visitors to the website enjoy VIP early access to new product and game introductions, as well as creator experiences that bring customers closer than ever to the technology they live and breathe every day.

“Our many years of close collaboration have afforded us the opportunity to witness Intel from a unique vantage point – we see the innovation that happens day-in and day-out,” said James Wu, COO at Newegg. “With Intel Unlocked we bring our customers a bit closer to Intel so they, too, can see for themselves what drives one of the technology industry’s most prolific and interesting companies.”

Newegg and Intel previewed a beta version of the website in mid-August at IDF 15 San Francisco. The annual conference brings together a large segment of the technology industry and shines a light on innovation taking place not just inside Intel, but with the developers and other partners who rely on Intel to power their creations.