Newegg Offers Local Shipping for Australian Customers

Newegg has announced local shipping to customers in Australia. The move is the latest in a series of strategic investments made by Newegg to address key international growth markets.

“We began selling to customers in Australia last year and were impressed by the steady growth as Australian customers became more familiar with Newegg,” said James Wu, COO of Newegg. “We are confident the Australian market presents a great opportunity for Newegg, and we’re enthusiastic about forging a lasting relationship with this new customer base.”

In April of 2014, Newegg announced it would begin shipping to customers in Australia. At first, only a subset of Newegg’s products could be purchased and, despite higher shipping costs, Australian customers were quick to take advantage of the product diversity offered by Newegg.

Scaling an e-commerce business to new international markets poses significant logistical challenges in the areas of order fulfillment, customer support, returns, regional product compatibility and country-specific regulations. The expansion announced today is an important step forward to make sure Australian customers have a great shopping experience with Newegg.