TravelSmith’s Newest Adventure: A Catalog Spin-off

Novato, CA-based TravelSmith, a catalog and online merchant of men’s and women’s travel apparel and accessories, will launch a women’s apparel and accessories catalog and Website in late March.

Titled IOS, which stands for Individual Original Style, the brand targets women 40-55 years old. “Our goal with IOS … is to create a line of apparel that allows our customer to express herself in a distinctive and creative way,” says Christine Harrison, vice president of merchandising. “Our target customer … is confident, vibrantly alive, and responsive to color and artistry in her attire. She craves unique clothing that is beautiful, expressive, and flattering to wear. Our goal is to give her just that.”

The 48-page debut catalog was photographed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and organized by color. “By arranging the catalog according to color themes, we allow our customer to zero in on what works for her and easily build a wardrobe of artistic pieces around key items,” says Betty Fields Segars, director of product development. “All of the artwork used in our clothing is original, one-of-a-kind. The fun is in putting the outfit together in a way that highlights her own individual style.”

TravelSmith is part of the Cornerstone Brands group of catalogs, which were purchased by IAC/Interactive Corp. last year. Fellow Cornerstone title Isabella Bird also sells women’s apparel. Itself a spin-off of men’s and women’s apparel catalog The Territory Ahead, Isabella Bird appears to target a similar audience as IOS. According to its data card, Isabella Bird buyers have an average age of 45 and an average income of $95,000.