Choosing the Right Warehouse Management System for Your Needs

How can you determine what benefits a warehouse management system (WMS) can bring to your business? One simple answer: A full function WMS provides greater control of inventory and management of labor within the four walls of the fulfillment center.

In this technology report from Multichannel Merchant, you will learn what functionality you should consider while you research implementing a WMS in your fulfillment operation. Improved functions gained by implementing a full-function WMS include:

  • Control the movement and storage of materials and product (e.g., management of slotting, inventory location control, cube utilization, inventory accuracy, etc.
  • Improved accuracy, timeliness and overall throughput of customer orders for the above functions
  • Improved warehouse labor management through tracking and control
  • Flexibility in handling different order and product profiles (e.g., ecommerce small orders versus case pick to stores)
  • Better control of production, assembly and costs of kits/sets and assembled product
  • Visibility to warehouse activities and access to data (e.g., reporting, analysis and dashboards)
  • Interface to warehouse control systems (WCS) for material handling equipment (e.g., conveyors, sortation, etc.


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