Remote Language Translation: Strengthen Your Cross-Channel Customer Support Strategy

A customer visits a website and wants to make a purchase, but her item is backordered. She picks up the phone and dials the customer service line in hopes of finding a local store location where she can pick up the item, only to come in contact with someone who does not speak her language. What is the likelihood that she will make a purchase?

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If you are the company on the opposite end of this scenario, does your company have a strategy to better prepare for these situations and avoid the loss of a potential customer? Remote language interpretation services enhance customer service call centers by providing multi-lingual support for a global customer base. With the support of qualified interpreters, call center agents can efficiently cater to the customer’s native language and support a lasting relationship between results in repeat business.

Customer satisfaction goes hand in-hand with retention rates. A customer who is addressed in his native language and culture will feel well supported, and thus more likely to become a loyal consumer. You need to be prepared to support your customers through all channels of communication – phone, email and online chat – across multiple languages. Remote interpretation services will enhance your call center response strategy and generate positive customer interactions across cultures.

Once you determine that you need to acquire a remote interpretation service partner who will enhance your call center support strategy, how do you choose the right provider? Consider a few elements that will help determine your best partner:

Bilingual is only the beginning
Global ecommerce must encompass more than just French and Spanish shoppers. Your translation partner must have the resources to translate multiple languages and dialects in order to facilitate a growing global marketplace.

Technology-savvy is the new language-savvy
While customer support via telephone remains a crucial resource, many shoppers now prefer communication outlets including instant messengers and live chats via websites. Partners who stay up to speed with these technological advances are more likely to stay up to speed with your customers’ needs.

Support when you want it and when you need it
Customer support does not run on a nine-to-five service schedule any more than the Internet does. If your call center offers service around the clock, 356 days per year, then so should your language provider.

Language interpretation beyond the words
Language translation is important when communicating with a customer in his native language, but your interpretation support services need to also understand the culture of the person they are communicating with in order to fully engage the customer and make him feel comfortable.

Liz Elting is CEO of TransPerfect.