The Top 20 Contact Center Metrics for 2012

In the 21st century, the call center has evolved into a multichannel contact center. Customers have heightened expectations of service and frontline staffs have new demands and requirements.

As your contact center evolves, you must ask yourself if the measures of performance that have served you well in the last decade are the same ones that will determine how well your contact center is operating today. This article will examine the top performance measures commonly associated with personnel and the processes in today’s multichannel catalog center.

We’ll take the approach of looking at metrics that supply you with critical information related to each contact center stakeholder group. In other words, as you think about the three main groups of people you need to keep happy every single day, you’ll want to make sure you have measures in place to track how well you’re satisfying each group.

The three main stakeholder groups are pretty obvious. The most important group is, of course, is your customer base. The second group is the senior management team. And the third group is your contact center workforce.

We’ll explore measures of service and quality related to customers, efficiency and profitability for senior management, and workplace and satisfaction concerns for the frontline staff.

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