Canada Goose Launches Recommerce Platform


Canada Goose launched its pioneering recommerce platform, Canada Goose Generations, in its home country late last week.  The new platform encourages consumers to participate in the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability by trading in and purchasing pre-owned Canada Goose outerwear and apparel.  The announcement lands at the same time as the company’s reporting of a substantial 45% year-on-year reduction in its carbon footprint.

The platform, which had its debut in the United States earlier this year, allows customers to trade in their pre-owned Canada Goose products through an online portal.  The products are then assessed and authenticated, enabling customers to receive a Canada Goose gift card in return.  This initiative significantly extends the lifespan of products.  The new platform is powered by Trove, who recently partnered with Lululemon and Carhartt for their recommerce efforts.

“Canada Goose Generations is a perfect expression of what luxury means today and defines a more sustainable tomorrow,” said Carrie Baker, President of Canada Goose. “Meticulously crafted in Canada with the best materials, our products are uniquely positioned to be re-discovered and loved for a second, third and fourth time. Bringing Generations to our home market presents a meaningful opportunity for us to connect and reconnect with long-time customers in an exciting new way.”

The launch of Canada Goose Generations accompanies the release of the brand’s latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report.  The company has notably reduced its scope 1 and 2 emissions by nearly 45% through investments in renewable energy credits and the retrofitting of its manufacturing facilities.  The report also outlines a commitment to measure and set targets for scope 3 emissions by the end of the fiscal year 2024.

Gavin Thompson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship at Canada Goose, emphasized the comprehensive nature of the ESG Report, which addresses issues ranging from material innovation to carbon reduction to human rights policies.

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