Consolidated Chassis Management Rolls Out SACP 3.0

Rockaway, NJ, Oct. 4, 2023 – Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), a leading cooperative chassis pool manager, announced the next generation of the South Atlantic Chassis Pool, SACP 3.0, began its roll out on time on Oct. 1, 2023. The new SACP 3.0 brings to the South Atlantic region a first-of-its-kind single utility provider chassis pool, infusing 45,000 new or refurbished chassis and providing capacity, scalability, cost-savings, and efficiency.

“SACP represents the next generation of chassis pool provisioning. It takes the strengths of SACP 2.0 – interoperability, efficiency, safety, and a best-in-class operating team – and moves them to the next level with a unique single utility provider model,” said Mike Wilson, CEO of CCM. “We are proud to say that through the commitment and collaboration with our industry partners, we achieved the on-time launch of SACP 3.0, which we are confident will revolutionize chassis provisioning.”

Along with CCM, SACP 3.0 has been established cooperatively by The Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (OCEMA), Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), Jacksonville Port Authority (JaxPort), and North Carolina State Ports Authority (NC Ports). It will be one of the largest fully interoperable chassis pools in the U.S., with more than 75 locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. It will increase and upgrade the existing South Atlantic Chassis pool with nearly 45,000 new and refurbished intermodal chassis from major regional ports and key intermodal inland hubs.

SACP 3.0 Onboarding Portal

In order to participate in the SACP 3.0 pool, motor carriers are required to be registered with the UIAA on CCM’s SACP 3.0 online onboarding portal and sign the CCM contract   They can do so at the CCM website at  Once registered, motor carriers can reserve new and refurbished chassis over a vast network of South Atlantic locations through

Beneficial cargo owners, 3PL’s, NVOCC’s, and other third parties can also become customers of the pool and achieve a direct billing arrangement by selecting “BCO” as the customer type on

The new online portal was opened by CCM earlier this year, and, to date, more than 80% of qualifying motor carriers have already registered. Without registering, motor carriers may experience service disruption and chassis use penalty charges.

“Registering through the portal will ensure a seamless transition from SACP 2.0 to SACP 3.0,” Wilson said. “We are encouraged that the majority of motor carriers have already registered and the activity on our site clearly demonstrated the enthusiasm for the new pool.”