Monetate Launches Complete the Look, Merchandisers to Achieve Scalable Value at Record Pace

AI-powered bundling offering automatically curates product sets through proprietary algorithms

Dallas, Oct. 5, 2023 — Monetate, the leading personalization platform that helps build personal and meaningful digital connections between brands and their global customers, today launched Complete the Look, part of its AI-powered Dynamic Bundles offering. The new personalization component helps digital merchandising teams in the apparel and fashion industry curate product sets at scale to increase catalog coverage and revenue.

Grouping products in curated sets increases AOV and CVR, but most retailers struggle to build enough sets to ensure maximum catalog coverage given how manual the process is. Complete the Look, powered by Monetate Dynamic Bundles, combines merchandisers’ expertise with Monetate’s award-winning recommendation algorithms to automatically create high-quality product groups across an entire catalog. It enhances manual efforts by leveraging real-time data to ensure products are in stock and responsive to changes in seasonality.

“We work closely with customers to understand their key challenges and goals,” said Eric Rosado, Chief Product Officer of Monetate. “Merchandisers in the apparel and fashion industry struggle with curating and promoting product bundles as the time and resources required is not scalable. The launch of Complete the Look resolves these issues, helping to bundle products and delight customers at scale, and further positions us as the personalization platform of choice for digital merchandisers.”

The product launch was announced today at Monetate’s EMEA customer summit in London. Company executives expounded on how brands can achieve real-time bundling that is driven by customer preferences, responds to inventory changes and builds recommendations based on behavioral algorithms.

“Monetate continues to be a strategic partner of Landmark Group and we are looking forward to launching Dynamic Bundles, helping us to continue to improve across all areas of the customer experience,” said James Dickson, Chief Product Officer of Landmark Group.

With Monetate, merchandisers can inspire and delight customers, move more stock, and utilize integrated testing and personalization capabilities. For a demo or more information on Complete the Look, visit Monetate Dynamic Bundles.



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