NetElixir’s New eBook Explores Shifts in Consumer Shopping Behaviors FACES 2022 Forecasts 3 Key Online Shopping Behavioral Shifts of High-Value Customers

Princeton, NJ, February 24, 2021 – New data from the digital marketing agency NetElixir suggests that 70%+ of online shoppers buy only once from an ecommerce site and never return; this is just one of many shocking statistics uncovered in the agency’s annual FACES eBook, released today. FACES features primary research into what causes this particular behavior and how online shopping is evolving. It dives deep into emerging trends brought on by the pandemic, as well as evolving social and digital initiatives.

The NetElixir Retail Intelligence Lab analyzed more than two million unique online customer paths-to-purchase, focusing on the behavior of high-value online shoppers. NetElixir data shows that high-value online shoppers account for more than 60% of total website purchases across all major industries. The eBook covers nine categories: B2B, Fashion and Apparel, Home Furnishing, Baby Care, Pet Supplies, Beauty and Cosmetics, Gifting, Tactical Wear and Tools.

“It is imperative that brand marketers understand the shifting shopping habits of their high-value customers,” said Udayan Bose, founder and CEO of NetElixir. “It is our hope that retail and brand marketers use FACES as a directional guide to compare their own high-value customer shopping insights with our category benchmarks to identify overlaps. They should use this data to create more efficient and effective campaigns.”

  • The role of mobile continues to gain market significance YoY, especially in the customer’s initial search. It holds the most significance in the purchase journeys of high-value customers for Fashion and Apparel, Baby Care, and Beauty and Cosmetics.
  • Latency decreased most dramatically for customers in the category of Fashion and Apparel. According to NetElixir’s data, customers took about 3 days less to purchase items in these categories during the holidays compared to pre-holiday. 
  • The high-value customers in the categories of Beauty and Cosmetics, Gifting, and Tactical Gear were more willing to spend money on big-ticket items during the holidays. Across categories, high-value customers were most likely to make their holiday purchases on a Monday. During the pre-holiday season, no high-value customer was most likely to purchase on a Friday or Sunday.

The eBook dives deeper into the behavioral shifts to provide data and insights related to website visits, latency, and purchase trends across the aforementioned market segments. FACES, further, includes a few top-line recommendations from the NetElixir team of experts on how to help marketers thrive in the months ahead, including but not limited to: emphasizing brand purpose, identifying the new personas specific to any business, and enhancing rapid experimentation.

To download the FACES ebook, click here.



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