Retailers’ Virtual Selling and Clienteling Sales Surpass $2 Billion USD with Salesfloor

Store associates leveraging the Salesfloor platform served on average 71% more customers per week compared to 2019

New York, March 3, 2021 Salesfloor, the industry’s leading virtual selling and mobile clienteling platform designed for store associates, announced today that its solution’s total transaction volumes surpassed the $2 billion USD milestone.

Retailers using Salesfloor are able to track ecommerce and in-store sales resulting from recent customer interactions with store associates through the platform. The $2 billion milestone was reached in the afternoon of Feb. 12, 2021 when a customer purchased children’s clothes after receiving a clienteling e-mail from an associate at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL.

“Over the last year, the role of the store associate has had to adapt quickly in order to continue serving consumers on digital channels,” said Ben Rodier, Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor. “With stores closed and traffic limited due to the pandemic, our clients have been at the forefront of the virtual selling acceleration. The $2 billion milestone is especially meaningful, mainly because it reflects the hard work and contribution of so many people during this time. The platform hit this milestone in less than one-third of the time for the first $1 billion in transaction volumes.”

In 2020-21, the pandemic accelerated retailers’ demand for tools that enable store associates to sell across all channels. This contributed to Salesfloor’s rapid growth in the past 12 months. The company recently reported on the industry’s acceleration by sharing its 2020 platform data highlights:

  • Digital clienteling interactions (i.e. chat, email, text messaging, social media) increased 310% in 2020.
  • Virtual appointments booked in Salesfloor increased 1025%.
  • Store associates used Salesfloor to serve an average of 94 customers per week vs 55 in 2019.
  • Retailers’ transaction volumes in Salesfloor were up to 8x higher for the 90 days leading up to the 2020 holiday season, compared to 2019.
  • Salesfloor’s new client onboardings increased 250% in 2020 vs 2019.

“We’re seeing a rebalancing of the labor model in stores where more and more store associates are being leveraged to serve online customers,” said Oscar Sachs, CEO of Salesfloor. “As retailers begin to build their post-pandemic strategies, Salesfloor will be there to make sure that the consumer experience is convenient and seamless.”

About Salesfloor

Salesfloor is an award-winning mobile platform designed for store associates to personalize customer experiences. Salesfloor provides clienteling and virtual selling tools to engage customers on any channel, Storefronts for live online shopping with store associates, and mobile checkout for convenient in-store experiences. With over 45,000 associates from leading retailers in apparel, beauty, jewelry, and baby/toys, Salesfloor is modernizing the role of store associates. Retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, buybuy Baby, Holt Renfrew, Pandora, Bloomingdale’s, Chico’s and more choose Salesfloor to drive results such as higher online conversion rates, increased basket sizes and decreased return rates. For more information, visit and follow Salesfloor on LinkedIn and Facebook.