StoreConnect to Unveil Revolutionary Customer Commerce Health Check at Dreamforce

StoreConnect is set to unveil its “Customer CommerceTM” business solution at Dreamforce, introducing a groundbreaking approach to traditional SMB ecommerce

The eagerly anticipated Customer Commerce Health Check feature promises to reshape the future of SMB ecommerce, offering comprehensive solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and business growth

SYDNEY, Sept. 5, 2023 – In a bold move to transform the ecommerce landscape, StoreConnect, a trailblazing provider of e-commerce solutions, is set to unveil its game-changing “Customer Commerce” business solution at this year’s Dreamforce in San Francisco.

A comprehensive solution built on Salesforce, the #1 CRM in the world, prioritizes customer relationships by aligning all content, product, customer and stock information into one single multi-store mobile, web and point of sale system. StoreConnect ensures that SMBs can operate smoothly, deliver exceptional experiences, and thrive in the competitive online marketplace. By participating in this year’s Dreamforce, attendees and media will gain deeper insights into the groundbreaking advantages that StoreConnect offers to the ecommerce sector, notably through its transformative Customer Commerce Health Check debut. StoreConnect is a sponsor at Dreamforce, and will be located at BOOTH #1916.

Statistics reveal that 34% of online stores vanish within a year, with an average lifespan of just 143 days. (1) To exacerbate matters, the overwhelming number of apps and plugins available in the marketplace thrusts SMBs into an arduous evaluation process to find the right fit, impeding page load times and user experience. A mere six customer-facing plugins can significantly inflate load times, sabotaging user engagement and sales conversions. (2)

The trickle-do­wn effect is impacting 74% of shoppers, who say it takes no more than three bad experiences to abandon a brand they love. (3) “These alarming statistics highlight the uphill battle SMBs face within the current ecosystem,” said StoreConnect’s founder Mikel Lindsaar, whose recent seed funding speaks to the interest in solving these problems. “I wanted to develop a solution that enables growth and equips ‘Davids’ to compete with ‘Goliaths.’” (4)

In today’s ecommerce landscape, integration across various aspects of the ecommerce process, such as point-of-sale (POS), real-time inventory management, and multi-store management, remains elusive. This lack of integration results in lost opportunities, costly inefficiencies, and frustrated customers. 

StoreConnect’s Customer Commerce approach introduces a never-before-done solution that empowers SMBs to build strong customer relationships and deliver exceptional service. This breakthrough concept redefines how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) approach online commerce, placing the customer at the forefront while simplifying the experience for retailers and consumers.

StoreConnect’s Customer Commerce concept signifies a turning point in SMB ecommerce by offering a wide array of benefits that resonate with businesses seeking growth without unnecessary complications:

  1. Efficient Integration: StoreConnect seamlessly consolidates marketing, sales, and support channels into a unified system, saving time and reducing duplicated efforts.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: By addressing common challenges faced by SMBs, such as slow-loading pages, scattered data collection, and migration difficulties, StoreConnect ensures a seamless and customer-centric online shopping experience.
  3. Built on Salesforce, The World’s #1 CRM: As a unique selling point, StoreConnect is built on top of the world’s number one CRM, the leading cloud-based software company for customer relationship management, sales, marketing automation, and more. 

StoreConnect offers an unmatched suite of features that set it apart from competitors, including fully integrated Point of Sale, subscription-billing, complex coupon codes, appointment, and event booking, real-time stock management, multi-store, multi-currency and multi-region support, GDPR compliance, and more — all without the need for multiple third-party plugins or time-consuming API integrations.

Furthermore, StoreConnect allows sellers to easily scale from 3,000 orders per month to as many as 35,000 orders in just 48 hours. The platform can handle volume increases of this magnitude even without advance warning from a customer and still maintain the normal operating speeds of the digital store. 

As the global ecommerce industry surges towards a projected revenue of $6.3 trillion in 2023, (5,6) traditional ecommerce has long been blighted by issues of complexity, confusion, and frustration, causing headaches for buyers and sellers alike. With countless abandoned shopping carts and causing disillusioned consumers to seek alternatives. StoreConnect recognizes these challenges and has developed its comprehensive solution that addresses the core pain points faced by SMBs in the ever-evolving online marketplace.

The ecommerce realm has long been divided into two distinct camps: intricate setups that demand substantial financial investments and external assistance and deceptively simple “plug-and-play” options that entice businesses with their initial ease but inevitably transform into unscalable solutions.  

The predicament of balancing functionality and performance further complicates matters for SMBs, as they are advised to limit the number of apps and plugins to a manageable amount, which is often around 25 for a comprehensive online store. (7,8) However, amid the myriad of plugin options available, finding the right ones becomes a time-consuming endeavor that no business owner can afford. 

StoreConnect’s Customer Commerce Health Check is a revolutionary user-driven approach, empowering SMBs to forge connections with a brand-new range of customers that were previously out of reach. This paradigm shift transforms interactions, accelerates transactions, and opens up unprecedented avenues of growth, profitability, and scalability. This transformation comes at an affordable price point, democratizing opportunities for SMBs to thrive across all online revenue streams.

By attending this year’s Dreamforce, visitors will be able to learn more about the revolutionary benefits that StoreConnect is bringing to the e-commerce industry through its game-changing Customer Commerce Health Check feature. 

Visit StoreConnect at Dreamforce, BOOTH 1916. Also look for three exciting events at Dreamforce, with CEO, Mikel Lindsaar:

  1. StoreConnect for Nonprofits: Launch feature-rich Customer Commerce on Salesforce for nonprofits on a budget.
  2. SMBs Scaling with StoreConnect: Create a multi-region Customer Commerce solution on a budget.
  3. Rapid Commerce Launch in 60 Days: Learn how Rapid Response Revival’s CMO launched CellAED® using StoreConnect and Salesforce to save lives.

“The future belongs to Customer Commerce companies,” said Lindsaar. “StoreConnect aims to simplify the process for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), providing them with the essential tools to cultivate strong customer relationships.”


About StoreConnect: 

Mikel Lindsaar is the CEO and Founder of StoreConnect, a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award Recipient.  Mikel is a serial technology entrepreneur having successfully built and sold four SaaS companies within the last decade. StoreConnect has one goal: to help small and medium-sized businesses become scalable Customer Companies powered by Salesforce. Clients achieve this daily by breaking free of the shackles of what Mikel calls “Plugin Purgatory and SaaS Hell.” StoreConnect clients don’t need multiple SaaS systems connected by plugins to manage their online, in-store POS and in-person Customer Commerce business systems. Many of today’s eCommerce solutions are designed to get up and running quickly and inevitably hit a brick wall of scalability and extensibility as companies grow.  That’s why StoreConnect is built on the world’s #1 CRM, so its customers will never need to replatform no matter how fast they grow in size, product offerings or regions. Global growth now has no barriers for any SMB. Being built on Salesforce allows StoreConnect customers to update their websites, funnels and content in real time, providing an unparalleled competitive advantage. StoreConnect is Time. Well Spent. Visit 



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