Tai Software’s Best-in-Class Automation and Ai Tools Revolutionizing Freight Broker Processes

Tai’s industry-leading AI tools save brokers an average of 11 hours per week while securing their networks and improving data quality

Huntington Beach, CA, Oct. 5, 2023 — As freight brokers continue to search for ways to streamline operations and increase win rates, Tai Software (Tai), a fully integrated broker TMS platform for freight management and transportation, has implemented machine learning and automation tools to remove redundant manual entries and processes.

Through Tai TMS, freight brokers are able to access artificial intelligence tools to empower their carrier representatives and alleviate the burden of manual operations so these agents can focus on winning more deals and locking in better rates for their customers.   

The market has just recently stepped into the era of automation and artificial intelligence, embracing machine-learning technologies to amplify day-to-day workloads. However, Tai’s automation isn’t simply a part of this trend. The company has been developing their AI tools — including automated email capabilities, Tai Document Processor and Tai’s 500+ partner integration network — and implementing them across their freight broker customers for the last three years. As a result, brokers who choose Tai are able to save their representatives an average of 11 hours per week, per rep. 

“A lot of freight brokers still struggle to implement the right technologies to advance with the industry,” said Walter Mitchell, CEO of Tai. “What a lot of people think is that their jobs will be replaced by AI or automation, but that’s not the case. What will happen though is late-adopters will begin losing deals and traction to the humans that are able to leverage automation and Ai most effectively. By building AI into our TMS, brokers don’t have to invest in outside automation just to say they have it. Now, they have growth-focused technology built into the core of their business so they can remain competitive and evolve as the industry changes.”

Tai Document Processor is able to remove the need for an individual to scan documents, like invoices and bills of lading. Rather, machine learning algorithms automatically scan the documents and extract key points that are then translated into Tai’s email automation engine. Leveraging Tai’s integration with Google Bard, Tai’s email automation then composes a message that is ready to be sent to the end shipping customer to confirm rates. As a result, nearly 20% of a broker’s inbox is automatically processed, quoted and handled, resulting in substantial time savings and enhanced reliability, facilitating stronger customer partnerships.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove 20% of your inbox and have another entity handle those tasks entirely?” Mitchell asked. “Reps are now able to focus on booking more loads and building long-lasting partnerships with their carriers and shipping customers, bringing together the entirety of the supply chain.”

Tai’s deep integration network -currently at 500+ partners- also implements automation to provide brokerages with the best user experience and time savings. Correlating data into a single platform from a number of technologies like tracking and tracing tools (Trucker Tools), rate engines (Greenscreens.ai and FreightWaves SONAR), carrier vetting platforms and more simplifies the data journey for broker representatives.

“Everything, everywhere, all at once; that’s what using Tai provides the broker,” Mitchell said. “The automation and cloud-based system we’ve built not only strengthens a brokerage’s bottom line and data health, it fortifies their overall system security as well.”