Uniform Releases First Comprehensive CMS Comparison Guide, Analyzing 15 Providers and How To Choose the Right One

Vendor-agnostic digital experience composition company provides a side-by-side table comparison of content management systems

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2023 — Uniform, the leading provider in the emerging software category of digital experience composition platforms (DXCP), has launched an in-depth report to help brands find the right content management system (CMS) for their website and digital content execution. The CMS Comparison Guide is the result of Uniform’s unique perspective working not as a CMS but as a key partner to many CMS providers.

Uniform is building a category around the reality that organizations often struggle to manage their ever-multiplying tools and content sources. A solution like Uniform, which understands the pivotal role a CMS plays in the tech stack, can unify those tools and unlock the value of their content for creating dynamic experiences across websites, mobile devices, IoTs, etc.

Anchoring the guide is a side-by-side comparison of 15 vendors, along with a summary of each vendor, covering how they work, integrate, and build out digital content programs. The report also supplies insights into the rise of headless technology and how it impacts the choice of a CMS.

The 15 vendors analyzed in the first-of-its-kind guide include three monolithic CMS providers and a dozen headless, composable CMS companies. The guide gauges strengths and weaknesses in areas like content modeling, integration, workflow, and more. Featured companies include Adobe Experience ManagerContentfulContentstackSanitySitecore Experience ManagerStrapi and more.

Statista reports that nearly two billion consumers shop online, and nearly 60% of all web traffic occurs on a mobile device. The need for engaging, omnichannel content is accelerating. Large enterprise companies are seeking a CMS that can deliver modern experiences such as VR, hyper-personalization, video, and more.

“The CMS field is getting increasingly crowded, making it difficult for brands across industries to identify a partner and know where to start,” said Darren Guarnaccia, president of Uniform. “Our guide helps you cut through the noise, as our team has decades of experience working with and for CMS providers. Our platform further assists companies by preventing them from getting locked into a single vendor, fueling more innovation and eliminating content management pain points.”

Download the comparison guide here and contact us to find out how Uniform DXCP empowers marketers and developers alike to build and manage consumer-oriented, open, and modern web experiences.

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About Uniform

Uniform DXCP speeds up time to value for composable-experience architecture, lowers development costs, and makes it easy for business users to build digital experiences. A composable orchestration layer for legacy systems and headless APIs in Uniform DXCP eliminates the need for complex custom integration code, which delivers no business value. Instead, available for marketers, merchandisers, and other business users are no-code tools with which to build digital experiences with content from any source—without submitting developer tickets. Furthermore, Uniform DXCP’s high-performance personalization capability, delivered at the edge, raises conversion and CX for all channels.

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