Unity SCM Tackles Supply Chain’s Biggest Challenges with Series A Funding

The platform automatically collects and integrates information from key sources in the supply chain, helping enterprise teams gain real-time visibility and prevent disruptions

San Francisco and Tel Aviv, May 9, 2023 — Unity SCM, a supply chain operations platform, today announced a Series A, led by Vertex Ventures Israel with participation from UpWest, Vertex Ventures US, Dan Scheinman and Ariel Maislos for a total of $13.2 million in funding.

Unity SCM offers an enterprise-scale supply chain management solution that helps companies avoid disruptions and improve visibility in their supply chain systems. Unity SCM provides its customers with solutions that address common supply chain problems such as collecting and integrating supply chain data, so customers know precisely where every shipment is and when inventory will be available. 

While technology innovations have begun to address outdated, complex supply chain systems, there is still a long way to go. According to Inbound Logistics, global supply chain managers blame data gaps, transportation silos and lack of visibility into suppliers as the top reason for supply chain complexity and information lapses. During the pandemic, supply chain complexities and data silos that existed before further exacerbated visibility gaps. In 2022, the Institute for Supply Chain Management reported an average of 100 days to receive production materials — the longest on record since 1987. Capital expenditures ballooned to an average commitment time of 173 days. In addition, McKinsey estimates that average global container shipping rates have more than quadrupled since 2019, and schedule delays have risen. 

“Most supply chain modernization projects get bottlenecked waiting for scarce IT resources to connect the disparate data silos that lie beneath,” said Amir Taichman, CEO and Co-Founder of Unity SCM. “Every time supply chain teams try to cobble together a single view in emails and spreadsheets for a new project or fire drill, they create another virtual silo.” 

Unity SCM seamlessly integrates with a wide range of data sources and easily adapts to inaccurate or incomplete supply chain data, freeing IT teams from the burden of not only complex data integration projects, but also minimizing risks, saving costs, and driving efficiencies at scale. Customers have reported the following results:

  • Reduced inventory carrying costs by 25%
  • Decreased detention and demurrage fees by up to 40%
  • Increased team efficiency by 30%
  • Gained the ability to identify orders and shipments at risk weeks in advance

Customers use the Unity SCM platform to solve myriad challenges in supply chain operations, including: 

  • Inventory and order visibility to gain a single view of sales, inventory, and purchasing information to speed planning cycles and balance resources across business units
  • Partner performance management to ensure material supplies meet production goals or carriers reduce underperforming lane lead times
  • Shipment tracking and tracing to know where every shipment is, from supplier to warehouse
  • Purchase order tracking to confirm with suppliers and subcontractors that dates and quantities of items have not changed from the approved POs

“Unity SCM gave us quick access to real-time container information and automatically updated arrival dates in our ERP,” said Lisa VanLanduyt, VP of Inventory Planning at ASC Engineered Solutions. “This was a huge win that helped us navigate the ongoing ocean freight debacle. Best of all, we accomplished everything with very little of our IT department’s time. They are even harder to schedule than an ocean carrier!”

Unity SCM works with point solutions and systems of record such as SAP and Oracle to map and transform data into a single view that business users can view and access right away. 

With this round of funding, Unity SCM plans to expand its platform to more customers in markets that desperately need supply chain solutions. To learn more, visit Unity SCM.


About Unity SCM

Unity SCM is the world’s first supply chain operations platform that seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, streamlining the flow of information across organizations’ supply chain infrastructure. Our expandable data platform easily adapts to inaccurate or incomplete supply chain data, freeing teams from the burden of complex data integration projects and allowing businesses to make informed decisions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.