Zakeke Launches 3D & Augmented Reality Viewer

Milan, Nov. 4, 2021 – Zakeke, the professional suite of tools empowering brands to seamlessly customize product offerings in 2D, 3D and AR, today launched its newest software – the 3D & AR Viewer, a visualization tool to engage users and easily showcase products in an interactive, visual way digitally. This new software allows Zakeke to expand beyond the ecommerce industry, bringing AR features to marketing businesses globally.

“This new tool, like our other professional tools, boasts an easy upload process that includes uploading a 3D model(s), modifying as desired and uploading to the website,” said Angelo Coletta, CEO and founder of Zakeke. “The entire process from start to finish takes mere minutes to complete before the product is ready to be viewed by the public.”

Zakeke’s 3D & AR Viewer allows consumers to interact with products exactly as they would in the physical world. The visualizer provides the option to view a 3D representation of any product at various angles, and the ability to rotate, zoom and more, providing a more user friendly and realistic experience.

The 3D and AR Viewer is compatible with major browsers across all platforms, with no app or plugin required. The software allows customers to easily upload their 3D model through a link or via QR code.

Unlike other customization software on the market, Zakeke’s suite of tools, including the 3D & AR Viewer, can be purchased separately and doesn’t require an eCommerce integration. Pricing for the 3D & AR Viewer starts at $10 per month for up to two products and $5 per month for each additional product.

“When launching the 3D & AR Viewer, we wanted to be competitively priced to appeal to industries and businesses of varying sizes,” continued Coletta. “We pride ourselves on the diversity of our clientele, from SMBs to large corporations and never want pricing to be a deterrent for implementing new technology that will facilitate growth.”

For additional information on Zakeke’s new 3D & AR Viewer, visit the website or find them on Instagram.

About Zakeke
Zakeke empowers brands and retailers to provide consumers with seamless customization options and product personalization through 2D, 3D and augmented reality. Its suite of tools can be integrated into any ecommerce platform or a brand’s back-end to enhance the consumer shopping experience while increasing sales for customers across industries ranging from fashion and jewelry to gaming, gadgets and sports equipment.

Founded in 2017, Zakeke has over 6,000 customers globally in 400 industries looking to engage consumers with an interactive, visually appealing shopping journey. Zakeke is cloud-based, cross-platform and multi-lingual, making it easy for customers of all sizes to easily adapt and grow sales.

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