The State of the Catalog is Healthy

Merchants continue to recognize the value of the printed catalog in today’s digital world. It’s a channel that many are using to drive consumers to the website, help build brand awareness and sell products. For many it is also an opportunity to tell a story and provide helpful tips to the consumer. See what industry experts have to say about the state of the catalog.

In this MCM Outlook 2015 report about the catalog, you will hear from Silver Star Brands, Thos. Baker, Hammacher Schlemmer and Trainer’s Warehouse/Office Oxygen and learn:

  • MCM Outlook Catalog CoverHow the digital catalog is playing an active role for two merchants
  • How merchants are measuring the effectiveness of the catalog
  • Why for many the state of the catalog has remained the same
  • What other print formats are being used

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MCM Outlook Catalog Cover

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