Reviewed 1/7/00, 1:30 p.m., Netscape

right away, my expectations are high for this site, in that it is trumpeting its ranking in the top 50 Websites by Business Marketing magazine. The home page is nicely organized, if not pretty, and I like that Daigger highlights its offer of a free coffee mug and coffee with any purchases over $250 (good through January).

I start my review of the site with the search engine. A search for the word “coffee” gets zip. Apparently, the search engine is used only to locate Daigger products. (But wouldn’t the free coffee count as a product?) Oh well. I then click on “What’s New” and get 24 product links. Now, that’s a lot of new stuff.

Daigger, like VWR, has a registration process, but it digs a bit deeper by asking you to list your discipline (biochemistry, cell biology, etc.).

You can select a product range by letter. I click “M-O.” Magnifiers, microscopes, office supplies – what, no oscilloscopes? “Microscopes” yields links to eight types. A click on Stereo Microscopes gives me a list of seven different types of these (whatever they are). Whew! I go to Dual Magnification Stereoscope, where I find six kinds to choose from. I order one, and my shopping cart tells me availability and shipping time. The product page also recommends other related merchandise.

It’s clear someone at Daigger is paying attention to what works in electronic selling.