Insert Media Terms: Glossary


Postal receipt used as verification of performance (shows dates of mailing and quantity mailed) for card packs and co-op mailings

Bangtail envelope

Special envelope that uses the inside of a large flap (or an additional flap connected to back of envelope) to serve as the order form


Printed insert bound or stapled into a catalog or magazine


Printed insert — usually a postcard or a double postcard — blown into a catalog as the catalog comes off press


Follow-up offer from a cataloger sent to a customer in the same package as the merchandise just ordered


Business reply card


Business reply envelope

Card pack (card deck)

Cooperative mailing, usually targeted to a specific industry or type of consumer, consisting of at least 30 BRCs polywrapped and mailed third class


Free-standing insert distributed with a newspaper

Package insert program

Program that allows you to put an advertising piece into a mail order firm’s product fulfillment package

Retail bag program

Program in which inserts are placed in bags given to customers following purchases at participating stores

Ride-along program

Program in which a company mails a catalog, circular, or announcement to its customer base while allowing outside advertising to accompany, or “ride along” with, the mail piece


Method of insertion that distributes “goody bags” filled with product samples, coupons, and inserts free to specific markets, such as senior citizens, college students, newlyweds, and new mothers

Space ad

One- to four-page insert placed in the Sunday supplement section of a newspaper

Statement stuffer

Outside insert allowed to mail first class within the envelope carrying an invoice, renewal notice, or statement from a telephone company, utility, cable TV system, magazines, or other business


Insert placed in a rack at a supermarket

Tent card

Double postcard

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