Lackluster Back-to-School Season for Delia’s

New York-based Teen girls cataloger/retailer Delia’s (Nasdaq: DLIA) net sales for the quarter ended Aug. 3, were $26.2 million, as compared to sales of $26.0 million in the prior year. Retail sales increased 32%, driven by new store openings, while direct sales decreased 22% on a 14% reduction in circulation. The net loss for the quarter was $7.0 million, compared to a loss of $11.0 million, in the same period last year. The prior year net loss–excluding restructuring, one-time charges and amortization effect of a change in accounting principle–was $7.4 million.

“As we previously announced, despite a solid start to the second quarter, we saw a strong reversal in our business as the back-to-school season began. We are disappointed with these results and are focused on optimizing our resources to improve the company’s financial performance,” said CEO Stephen Kahn in a statement.