Small Catalogs Forum: Using CMS

“With what aspect of your business does you catalog management software help the most?”

WENDY LAZAR owns the Northvale, NJ-based Glendale catalog of parade accessories: “In January we switched to the POS/OE system by EES Co., and now I have improved search functions so that I can track items and easily look up purchase orders.”

CRAIG RIEF owns, a catalog of hockey equipment based in Rollinsford, NH: “We switched to our own proprietary software within the past six months, and we no longer have delays due to transfers and uploads, because now everyone is working on the same platform.”

FRANK LUKOVITS is co-owner of Nashua, NH-based Weather Affects, a catalog of weather-related accessories: “We’ve used Mail Order Manager since 1997, and the source-code reporting has helped us tremendously. It is fast and easy to figure out which rented lists are working and which are not.”