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Fine print  Jun 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Jim Tierney

Your list broker is important to you. So is your tailor. But both of them take a back seat to the most essential partner of all: Your printer. Finding

RX for 1-800-PetMeds  Jun 01, 2008 9:30 PM By MCM staff

Billing itself as America’s Largest Pet Pharmacy, the 1-800-PetMeds catalog is devoted to helping pet owners keep their Fidos and Fluffys healthy. But

Slim-jims get squeezed  Jun 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Jim Tierney

Letter-size catalogs, aka “slim-jims” have helped many a mailer get through tough times by reducing postage and paper costs. But a proposed rule adjustment to slim-jim

Slim chances  Jun 01, 2008 9:30 PM By MCM staff

Does the U.S. Postal Service hate catalogs? From the major rate hike it imposed on them in 2007 to the proposed restrictions on or letter-size catalogs,

Not so many March mailings  Jun 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Tim Parry

The weak U.S. economy has seen catalogers tightening their belts, and now it appears they have changed their mailing habits. Numbers reported by Catalog

Get your form in good order  Jun 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Gina Valentino

To the sophomore marketer, order forms may be obsolete. But to the experienced catalog merchant, order blanks remain a fundamental component of the sales

Word-watching for fun and profit  May 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Herschell Gordon Lewis

As recently as a generation ago, catalogs could survive by basing their appeal on a combination of traditional image, buyer loyalty, and breadth of selection.

Kino comes in for a close-up  May 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Jeff Haggin

Fellini, Polanski, Capra, Huston, DeMille, Griffith, Peckinpah, Eisenstein just a few of the greatest film directors of all time, and just a few of the

Time for a Redesign?  May 01, 2008 9:30 PM By KEVIN KOTOWSKI

When should you consider redesigning your catalog? The snap answer is when sales drop off dramatically. The smarter answer, of course, is before sales

Cannibals in bedlam  Apr 01, 2008 9:30 PM By Herschell Gordon Lewis

A given: Typically, a consumer prospect looks for the best price rather than relying on loyalty to a distant source. A given: A business prospect looks

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