DHL eCommerce

  • Top Merchandise Category 1: Apparel – 35%
  • Top Merchandise Category 2: Nutraceuticals – 40%
  • Top Merchandise Category 3: Small electronics/accessories – 25%
  • Website:
  • Contact: Jonathan Sallaz, Contract Bid Manager

DHL eCommerce Key capabilities: Domestic and international shipping; fulfillment; returns management; e-facilitation; WMS (Manhattan); OMS (IBM); end-to-end supply chain; multi-site order fulfillment; omnichannel fulfillment centers

Average annual order volume for typical client: 500,000

Number of active clients: 1,600

B2C vs. B2B revenue: 95%/5%

Facility locations: Columbus, OH; Riverside, CA; Mexico City; Hong Kong; Australia; New Jersey coming in 2017