Alan Tamny

Alan Tamny is responsible for assessing needs and requirements, and for delivering client-specific solutions that provide a real return to the business bottom line. Alan has more than 35 years of IT experience, 25 of which have been focused on the retail industry. His experience ranges from speaking as an IBM representative on what the internet would bring to companies and consumers in the early 1990s to delivering complete assessments of retail store efficiencies and operations, to more recently focusing on how RFID and IoT technologies can assist retailers in delivering a better customer experience while improving their bottom-line business.

How to Supercharge the Retail Customer Experience with RFID

| Alan Tamny

With customer experience and engagement in the spotlight, retail stores realize the growing need to engage customers and improve their experience, service and satisfaction levels. Find out how RFID technology can enable smart, real-time recommendations in store, improving engagement and increasing sales.