Dr. Amir Konigsberg

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Dr. Amir Konigsberg is an entrepreneur, executive, and operator that has founded and managed technology companies in varied fields and disciplines including Search, Automotive, e-commerce, and neurotechnology. Amir joined Google in 2005. He then went on to become Managing Director of price comparison company mysupermarket.com. He spent four years working on human machine interfaces for autonomous vehicles at General Motors. These included Search, Speech, and multi-model experience interactions. He also co-founded and serves on the leadership team of Israel Brain Technologies, an organization founded under the auspices of former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

How to Level the Playing Field as Amazon Eats the World

| Dr. Amir Konigsberg

Headlines proclaiming that “Amazon is Eating the World” and that Amazon’s market-altering dominance – AKA the “Amazon Effect” – is causing immense concern for the retail industry as the playing field appears to be growing frighteningly imbalanced. Here is how you can level the playing field in an Amazon world.