Angela Anastasakis

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Angela brings over 30 years of experience improving systems, processes and organizational structures that enable companies to scale and support rapid growth, measure what’s working well and identify areas of needed improvement. As SVP of Operations and Customer Success at Nvoicepay (now Corpay), Angela and her team navigated explosive customer growth while reducing onboarding time, maintaining outstanding CSAT and retention, increasing customer references and minimizing payment processing error and fraud rates. She is focused on customer success, employee growth through training and empowerment, building strong relationships and effective collaboration across the organization and developing innovative solutions for complex problems.

Improving Supply Chain Visibility for SMBs

| Angela Anastasakis

By virtue of operating an enterprise with less cash flow, SMBs grapple with unique obstacles. Supply chain visibility is relatively low, making it challenging to connect with new suppliers, and larger competitors have more resources at their disposal. Here’s how AI and ML-based tools and technology can help you level the playing field.