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Arjun Narayan, founder and CEO of SalesDuo, is a proven business leader with 17 years of experience, including a decade as an entrepreneur and top executive. He has successfully created and exited two companies, and built and run large-scale sales and delivery teams catering to customers globally. Arjun also has seven years’ experience as an executive in leading organizations handling business and delivery teams. He has fundraising experience from high-net-worth individuals and marquee investors, providing returns of over 15X in five years.

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Pricing Competitively on Amazon: A Simple Guide

| Arjun Narayan

Having the right price plan for your private label business on Amazon is critical. There is no one-size-fits-all approach since quality, production costs and what your customers want might all differ from those of your rivals. That said, here are a few data-driven methods to help you determine the ideal pricing.