Ben Ardito

Take the Systematic Approach to E-mail Testing

| Ben Ardito

Systematic testing is essential to determining how well e-mail is resonating with recipients and gathering more data that can help craft campaigns and fine-tune messages to drive even greater relevance. The question of course is who to test, and why

Using E-mail to Drive the Customer Lifecycle

| Ben Ardito

Lifecycle management can be an effective means to strengthen your brand, foster customer loyalty and build your prospect files. It can also be a way for merchants to create more relevant e-mail campaigns.

Taking E-mail Personalization to the Next Level

| Ben Ardito

One-to-one communication is widely recognized as the primary goal of e-mail marketing, but the challenge is knowing where to begin. Personalization is a key factor that drives e-mail relevance and perhaps one of the easiest to apply.