Brendan Heegan

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Brendan Heegan is the Founder of Boxzooka Fulfillment and Global Ecommerce. Headquartered in New Jersey with satellite operations around the country, Boxzooka is a fulfillment center with international landed-cost technology and proprietary warehouse management systems it also licenses, focusing on servicing the logistics needs of online retailers. Brendan has nearly 20 years of experience in transportation, fulfillment and distribution, both domestically and Internationally. He started Boxzooka because he saw consolidation happening in the marketplace, creating a need for more competition and more customizable solutions for best-in-class fulfillment management and technology solutions.

Sustainable Packaging: Why It Matters and How to Source It

| Brendan Heegan

Sustainability is more than just good for the planet; it’s good PR for your company. That’s why you should consider adding sustainable packaging to your repertoire. It helps your company meet sustainability goals while giving eco-conscious consumers a better choice. Here’s how to go about sourcing sustainable packaging.

When Does an Urban Fulfillment Center Model Make Sense?

| Brendan Heegan

While Amazon can spend $21.7 billion on shipping to meet growing customer expectations, everyone else can’t and ecommerce entrepreneurs need to develop a well-thought-out strategy to address evolving demands. You need to consider these four factors before investing in the urban fulfillment center trend.