Brian Elliott

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Brian Elliott is the Managing Partner of Periscope® By McKinsey. As an entrepreneur and inventor, Brian has grown and led the Global Consumer Pricing practice for eight of his almost 20 years with McKinsey. He is a founding Board Member of Periscope®, and serves as its Managing Partner since 2012. During his leadership, Periscope® scaled from a startup environment into one of the top global revenue growth solutions in the market with accolades from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, ALM Intelligence, Promotion Optimization Institute, and CIO Review. Brian holds a PhD in materials science from Northwestern University as well as two bachelor degrees in mechanical and materials engineering from Cornell University.

Customer Loyalty: Key Considerations for Retailers

| Brian Elliott

Customer loyalty remains a panacea that retailers are all seeking. Every retailer wants consumers to consistently purchase from their business, rather than from their competitors’. Building and sustaining this loyalty is key to retaining customers over time and driving increased sales. Here are several ways to drive customer loyalty for your business.