Brian Glick

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Brian Glick is the Founder and CEO at Previously, he was a senior vice president at Vandegrift Forwarding Company from 2011-2017, leading the global information systems arm of the organization. Recently, Glick helped and PhillyTech raise $18,000 for Philadelphia-based Covenant House, a charity that supports trafficking survivors and young people facing homelessness.

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Global Supply Chains Need Redefinition

| Brian Glick

Many will argue whether the pandemic was a White Swan or Black Swan event. In either case, the supply chain impacts did not create new trends or problem categories. Instead, they amplified underlying instabilities and dramatically accelerated the pace of change. Supply chain organizations and the companies that support them need to prepare for a world that is less predictable, less stable and faster moving.

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Freight Forwarders, Shippers: Creating Long-Term Relationships

| Brian Glick

Freight forwarders who excelled as partners during crisis points will be well positioned to turn recent first dates with shippers into long, beautiful relationships. They have been using tech to create efficiencies that allow them to devote time and attention to stellar customer service over the past two years when business was tough.