Channie Mize

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Channie Mize leads all global B2C Industry activities for Periscope® By McKinsey. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring success of consumer goods and retail clients in using Periscope and for driving the solutions’ vision to address current and future needs of the dynamically changing market landscape.

Channie is a leader who has “been there and done that” before with more than 15 years of experience in retail across consulting, software, and actual “in-seat” roles. Before joining McKinsey in 2015, she was the VP of Pricing Strategy, Category Management, Merchandise Planning & Analytics at Office Depot for both the retail stores and digital channels. Channie also has management consulting experience from Accenture, where she served a broad range of retailers across many topics including pricing, assortment, allocation / planning and ERP implementations.  Further, Channie spent several years at DemandTec leading SaaS deployments and ensuring continued client success.

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Omnichannel Is The New Black

| Channie Mize

Data and big data are playing a major role in the buying process. It is helping retailers optimize margins, pricing and promotions that they run. While data analytics is a step in the right direction, customers today want omnichannel experiences. Here are ways you can give your customers these types of experiences to close the sale.