Chuck Koskovich

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Chuck Koskovich is the COO of TELUS International. He started as an inbound customer service representative almost 30 years ago, and since then has accumulated more than 25 years of experience as an operations leader, overseeing and managing a broad range of complex initiatives and companies. Prior to joining TELUS International in 2017, Chuck was responsible for large customer support operations and client-facing teams at companies that included TeleTech, BlackBerry, Convergys and Xerox.

Customer Experience: Prepping for The Next Normal

| Chuck Koskovich

Most retailers reacted swiftly during the pandemic, creating an online presence or enhancing an existing one. Now many of them are wondering how to stay relevant and competitive in the “next normal.” How can you seamlessly blend the digital and in-person experience to offer the best possible customer experience? Here are some tips.