Curtis Greve

Curtis Greve is the Vice President of Liquidation and Remarketing for Inmar. Prior to joining Inmar in 2014, Curtis was the Managing Partner of Greve-Davis, a reverse logistics and supply chain consulting firm. Prior to consulting, he was the president of GENCO, an $870 million 3PL with over 120 facilities across North America, for 15 years. Curtis joined GENCO after working at Walmart for 12 years, where he was responsible for the reverse logistics division.

Optimizing Omnichannel Returns to Reduce Inventory Levels

| Curtis Greve

As online sales grow at double-digit rates, ecommerce returns are growing even faster, typically three to four times greater than for stores, and carry a high level of value. The opportunity is to get online returns from the store back to fulfillment centers quickly in order to maximize their value. Here’s how to make it happen.